Author: Turkey


Grilled eggplants

Ingredients:   2 middle-sized eggplant 1 head garlic 1 cup water 2 lemons 1 teaspoon salt 2 red bieber and 2 green bieber 1 teaspoon olive oil Directions: 1.Put eggplant and peppers in the oven. 2.Cook eggplant and peppers in the oven (200 degree oven). Cook for half an hour. 3.Peel eggplant and peppers.     4.Chop and mix with eggplant and peppers. 5.Put olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and salt into blender and mix all with blender. 6.Put 1 cup of water on and mix again. 7.Put the blender contents into the eggplant and peppers          Bon Appetit!



Ingredients: 1 kg thin wheat 1 and ½ teacup lemon juice 2 tablespoon tomato paste 1 tablespoon pepper powder 1 tablespoon peppermint 1 tablespoon pepper flakes(optional) 2 onion ½ tablespoon salt Parsley 2 cucumber Lettuce ( to decorate) 5 green pepper 5 tomatoes Hot pepper ( optional) 4 cloves garlics Directions: 1.Peel the onions and garlics and chop up them 2.Put the onions, garlic and olive oil in pot.Cook until the onions turn light Brown 3.Put the bulgur in a large bowl and than put the peppermint, red pepper flakes, salt, tomato paste, pepper powder into the thin wheat.       4.Mix them carrefully 5.Pour 1,5 liter hot water into the mixture( it should stay like this 10 minutes. 6.Peel the tomatoes,cucumbers and than chop up them.     7.Chop up green peppers and parsley 8.Put the boiled wheat mixture in a large bowl and put the lemon juice. 9.Mix all of them in a large bowl.Please serve cold.        Bon Appetit!


Sweet pumpkin

Ingredients:    600 gr. Pumpkin 2 cup sugar 1 cup walnut or hezelnut (optional) Directions: 1.Peel the Pumpkin 2.Cut the pumpkin in little chunks 3.Put them in a large pot.and spread the sugar evenly on the surface     4.Let them stand for 1 night in the fridge. You will see the sugar dissolved next day. 5.Put them in a pot.Cook on a midium heat for 35-40 minutes untill the pumpkins are darken in color.The water should be mostly drained. 6.When they are cooled,service to with walnuts or any kind of nuts.       Bon Appetit…..