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Rice Pudding

Ingredients: 6 cups milk 1 cup water 1 cup rice 1 cup sugar 1-2 vanilla Directions: Milk and water is put to boil. Add rice cleaned and washed. When the rice is ready add the sugar and vanilla. Boil over low heat with constant stirring. When serving can be served sprinkled with cinnamon.    


Farmer’s breakfast

Ingredients: 3 eggs 50 g milk 75 g smoked meat or chicken onion salt and pepper Tip Serve breakfast table with rye bread, coffee or caraway tea. Traditionally rich breakfast dish rural folks. Directions: 1.Smoked meat cut into slices.    2.In a frying pan fry the meat on both sides.   3.Baking at the end of half a puck sliced onions. 4.The finished meat with onions in a pan is removed on a tray plate.   5.Beat eggs with milk and spices. 6.Fat poured into beaten egg with milk. Add fried meat with onions and fry on both sides.      7.Bon appetite!


Baked filled apples

Ingredients: 4 sweet- and- sour apples ½ glass chopped hazelnuts 3 tbsp honey, 100 ml whipping cream, 1 tbsp sugar Directions: 1.Rinse and pat dry the apples. 2.Core the apples with the apple corer, not piercing the apple entirely. 3.Combine the chopped nuts with honey…      4.and fill into the apple 5.Bake in the oven at 200° C for 15-20 minutes 6.Pour the sugar into the pan and dissolve while stirring.     7.then add the whipping cream and heat stirring continuously while bringing to the boil and sugar has dissolved. 8.Cool the caramelized cream..      9.and whisk. 10.Serve the baked apples with the caramelized cream. 11.Decorate with hazelnuts.          Bon appetit!