Welcome to the FoodPassport Project website!

FoodPassport Project is a 3 year program (2014-2017) of the European Community inside the frame of Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practice. The main subject of the project is healthy food, lifestyles, habits and preparing the partners’ traditional meals with the goal of gaining equal possibilities of inclusion in the society through a collective counsciousness and identity based on food.


Who are we?

The project involves 7 institutions, 5 of which are schools that work with students with special educational needs. The remaining two institutions are an institute of higher education and a publishing house which deals with art and culture promotion. The main idea of the project is to benefit from the common work in learning about healthy food, lifestyles, habits and preparing the partners’ traditional meals. What is also important, is that the project deals with discovering and implementing new teaching methods, approaches into the teaching process of students with special educational needs. Moreover, the project also deals with the practice work of students who train to become future teachers in conducting lessons with special needs students at the partners’ schools.

What do we want to do?

The main results of the project will be a European Food Passport certificate, a Europass mobility certificate, a Cook Book (interactive and printed version – collecting both the recipes proposed and created during those years, and also the steps of the project through all the activities developped.) and teaching materials from the course about new teaching methods and approaches and practice work at schools which can be used and shared.

                   pesce                      pasta                                 carne

Why are we going to do it?

Inclusion in the society is a very important factor for students as they need to establish basic practice skills, connected with cooking, buying food, knowledge about the healthy food, for their independent, individual life. We would  like our students and teachers to get the best experience in learning and teaching in special needs schools from all the partners’ institutions in order to include new ideas, approaches and teaching methods in the schools’ policies.
A large number of students has got low self-esteem, low communication skills, low basic knowledge skills such as maths, reading and nature studies and we hope that the project would enable them to stimulate the described skills. Furthermore, we also hope that the realization of the project will increase the students’ motivation to learn and will increase their interests in the fields of knowledge that are connected with the project.  At the end of the project the students who participated in the cooking and the project realization with all its major objectives will be rewarded with the European Food Passport created by all partner institutions.