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Fifth mobility – Eersel, The Netherlands

The fifth mobility in the Netherlands, on SO-VSO “De Groote Aard” in Eersel march 14 – 18 2016

From 14 to 18 March 2016 38 participants from 6 countries: Italy, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey and Latvia have been visiting our school. 17 of them were students with special needs, 2 students follow social education, furthermore 2 members of staff from Viaindustriae Association, and 17 teachers.
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On Tuesday we started our project week officially with a visit of the mayor of Eersel, Mrs Anja Thijs to our school. She welcomed the guests in her municipality and brought a present for each school: a statuette of the “Contente Man”. He personifies the Kempish spirit of hospitality and conviviality.
image 2 P1080067
After that the guests took part in “Beweegwijs”/ smart moving, together with all the children and students of “De Groote Aard”.
image 3 DSCF2215
On Tuesday and Thursday about 10 teachers and 24 students of our school participated in the program.
They prepared a meal together and took part in our educational system. They made Dutch pea-soup and apple-crumble as a dessert. Everybody enjoyed the cooking and they all could have a taste at dinner, at school.

image 4 P1080670 image 5P1080087
Teachers and the social education students had the possibility to observe some lessons at our school.
We also visited some working sites of De Groote Aard like a horse-riding school and a garden, named “The Tinteltuin”.

image 5P1080129
Other people took part in activities at “Outdoor Centre SBP” in Bergeijk. We showed our working skills in the woods and in the holiday-houses, and walked the “experience path”.
image 7 DSCF3905
All the guest, and some of our classes took part in activities organized by the Portuguese students.

image 8 DSCF3913
During their time together the students developed positive reactions and the right behaviour in difficult situations. The improved their self-esteem and their communication-skills.
After school we visited a mill, a cheese-farm  and a chicken-farm.

image 9 DSCF2150
On Wednesday we went to Den Bosch, to have a look around the old city and to make and eat a “Bossche Bol”. Not particularly healthy, but delicious, and a typical, well-known product of our province.

image 10 P1080307
Co-ordinator meetings were held and implementation and development of the project were discussed twice during the meeting.
Two days lunches were prepared at school.
image 11 IMG_3229
In the evenings we had our dinners at school; some were prepared by “at the aunts from the caravan”.
With drinks and nice music everybody was talking about the activities of the day.
On the last evening music was played by SJOK from Hoogeloon and a greeting from Guild St Jan Baptist from Duizel (flag ceremony) was a spectacular and very impressive farewell.
image 12 20160314_200219

image 13 P1080545
image 14 P1090102

Everybody was given a Certificate of their visit to the Netherlands.
A smooth organisation task force managed the week with our visitors.
All items of the program were successfully carried out.
We all enjoyed it very much, we had a good time together.
We are looking forward to our next meeting.



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