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Seventh mobility – Foligno, Italy

From October the 10th to October the 14th the seventh project meeting took place in Foligno, Italy.
We started with a group briefing at the hotel in which we discussed further development of the project and we presented a draft of the CookBook. We dedicated most of the time to adjust and decide how to procede in the making of the book. After the general welcome, the group splitted in two parts: one group, including leaders, stayed at the hotel to work on the book; the other group, including students and tutors, visited the vegetable&fruits market and an olive oil factory.

In the afternoon the groups met and we went together to visit the junior high school Scuola Statale Media Piermarini to share experiences and visit the school. The Education, School and Culture councillor of Foligno municipality welcomed us.

After that, we visited Palazzo Trinci, an International Gothic building, house of the Trinci family which ruled the town between the XIV and XV century.
On the next day, we took a bus to the industrial area of the town and went to Viaindustriae office where we spend the whole day. First we visited the space, then we splitted again in two groups. One group worked on the book and website, the other created the Food Passport through a workshop of  paper binding, stamps making. Students learned an easy-method of paper binding and exchanged the stamps of every country, stamping the Food Passport as done with actual passports.
In the afternoon, we again splitted in two groups and worked both on the interactive digital book and did a raw food workshop with students to prepare for a small public opening later in the afternoon.
On the last day, after a briefing, we went to visti Spoleto, important town during middleage and key town of the Papal State. We had dinner there and came back in the evening.

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