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12 wortelkoekjes


item 1 DSCF2738

1 bos worteltjes
25 gram bieslook
75 gram gezouten cashewnoten
3 eieren
50 gram bloem
6 eetlepels olijfolie


1. Maak de worteltjes schoon en rasp ze. Doe ze in een grote kom
2. Knip de bieslook in stukjes. Maak de gezouten cashewnoten in stukjes. Doe ze bij de worteltjes en voeg een beetje peper toe.
3. Mix the eggs and flour to a smooth substance and add to the mix of carrots. Stir together with a spoon.
 item 4,3 DSCF2753  item 5,1 DSCF2759 

4. Take some mix of carrots with wet hands and knead to biscuits of approximately 6 cm – if you keep your hands wet iT will not stick.
5. Heat 6 tablespoons with olive oil in a frying pan and place as much biscuits in there as possible. Bake the biscuits forabout 3 minutes on one side and 3 minutes on the other side.

item 5,3 DSCF2771  item 6 DSCF2772  item 7 DSCF2787

6. Remove from the pan and placet hem in the oven to keep them warm. Bake the remaining bicuits in the same way.
item 8,1 DSCF2783   item 8,2 DSCF2790

7. The dish

item 9 DSCF2796

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