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Baked filled apples

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4 sweet- and- sour apples
½ glass chopped hazelnuts
3 tbsp honey,
100 ml whipping cream,
1 tbsp sugar


1.Rinse and pat dry the apples.
2.Core the apples with the apple corer, not piercing the apple entirely.
3.Combine the chopped nuts with honey…

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4.and fill into the apple
5.Bake in the oven at 200° C for 15-20 minutes
6.Pour the sugar into the pan and dissolve while stirring.
schermata-2016-10-10-alle-20-43-49-copy  schermata-2016-10-10-alle-20-47-13-copy  schermata-2016-10-10-alle-20-47-19-copy

7.then add the whipping cream and heat stirring continuously while bringing to the boil and sugar has dissolved.
8.Cool the caramelized cream..

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9.and whisk.
10.Serve the baked apples with the caramelized cream.
11.Decorate with hazelnuts.

schermata-2016-10-10-alle-21-08-34-copy   schermata-2016-10-10-alle-21-08-42-copy    schermata-2016-10-10-alle-21-16-41-copy


Bon appetit!

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