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Farmer’s breakfast

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3 eggs
50 g milk
75 g smoked meat or chicken
salt and pepper
Serve breakfast table with rye bread, coffee or caraway tea. Traditionally rich breakfast dish rural folks.

1.Smoked meat cut into slices.
schermata-2016-10-10-alle-22-02-37-copy   schermata-2016-10-10-alle-22-04-40-copy
2.In a frying pan fry the meat on both sides.
schermata-2016-10-10-alle-22-08-00   schermata-2016-10-10-alle-22-06-23-copy
3.Baking at the end of half a puck sliced onions.
4.The finished meat with onions in a pan is removed on a tray plate.
schermata-2016-10-10-alle-21-58-24   schermata-2016-10-10-alle-22-10-38-copy
5.Beat eggs with milk and spices.
6.Fat poured into beaten egg with milk. Add fried meat with onions and fry on both sides.
schermata-2016-10-10-alle-22-12-11-copy   schermata-2016-10-10-alle-22-16-50-copy  schermata-2016-10-10-alle-21-58-46-copy
7.Bon appetite!

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