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Fourth mobility – Lisbon, Portugal

Transnational meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, Febraury 1st-5th, 2016 Our fourth meeting has taken place in Lisbon from February the 1st to February the 5th. The coordinator meeting was itnended to share updates reguarding different aspects of the project, and to plan next activities and improvements. Polish coordinator updated the group on how the work is proceeding. The Italian partner showed updates on the website and the group discussed about contents to be uploaded on the website. The cookbook was also introduced, and will be specified in out next meeting in The Netherlands. The group also visited the city of Lisbon, the area of Belem, the Belem Tower and the Monastero dos Jerònimos, Sao Jorge Castle and other main places of the city.

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The apron game

The apron game is a collective game on how to build a narration on food (or any other topic) together, facilitating the partecipation of every kid. Teacher Ana da Silva explained the game and we experimented it during the explanation, so that teachers could propose this game to their students in every country. Tools: an apron with pockets, cards with image and/or words, a pot, a ladle, a paper and a pen, an object the teacher will use as a “magic object” to choose who is going to “cook” the part of the story. Directions: Every pocket corresponds to a part of the narration. Teacher Ana da Silva used Vladimir Propp “Morphology of the folktale” as a basis to create the categories, but you can choose whatever method you prefer the most. For exemple, our apron had the following pockets/categories: 1. once upon a time (the beginning of the story); 2. female and male hero (who is the hero of the story?); 3. location of the story (where is the story set?); 4. mission to …