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Sensorymotor Experience with food

“Sensorymotor Experience with food” was the title of a workshop organized by Portugese partner during our second mobility in Santarém, Portugal c/o Escola Superior de Educação de Santarém. The goal of the workshop was to experiment how food in educational path can be applied not only as nourishment but also as a way to develop and ampilfy senses, collectivity, collaboration, experiences. It is a very common practice in Portugese schools as a way to integrate people with disabilities in everyday school activity.

The group was divided in five smaller groups. The room was set with five different work stations, each of which was supervised and explained by a teacher:

1. no-cooked cookies: the teacher coordinates the group and put all the ingredients on the table. The group prepare a series of cookies which need no cooking time. Every kid has its own task (prepare the butter, smash the cookie, put the milk on the bowl, mix the ingredients ecc) which can then be exchanged with the others;
2. pop-corn jewelry:  the teacher shows how to make funny and simpe bracelets and necklaces with popcorns, a wire and a needle;
3. home-made rice maracas:  the teacher and the students prepare small home-made maracas putting rice into plastic glasses and closing it with tape. The teacher teaches a song to the students, which has to be sang and played simultaneously;
4. yogurt painting: the teacher prepare two or more tables and cover the surface with yogurt, inviting the student to draw something with the hands. When the draw is finished, the teacher put a paper on it and make the yogurt adhere to the paper. After a few seconds, the paper can be removed and a beautiful drawing comes out!
5. bread dough sculpture: the teacher prepares some dough with the students and they create together sculpture of any kind. She also provides some food colors that can be used to color the sculpture.

Each group stayed on a station 5/10 minutes and then switched with other groups.

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