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Erasmus + day at school

In order for the school community to get to know better all partners that we cooperate with and the arouse interest to our project, on Friday 27th november we have prepared some special activities and presentations for the school community and the parents of our children. We began with presentations of every partner country. Each class had to present the country that they drawn 4 weeks earlier. Therefore, we had 6 classes presenting 6 partner countries. Each presentation lasted for about 10 to 15 minutes. The presentations consisted of a large poster, artifacts form the partber country, national emblems, power point presentations, photos and videos, basic information, some popular dances and of course food from the partner country :) we had a great time taking part in these presentations. At the end we also ran a quiz about partner countries basic information and had a tasting party with music. All in all it was a great time. Special thanks for all the classes, students and teachers and their commitment and devotion in preparing and performing their presentations.

To see the gallery please visit:
Zespoł Szkół Specjalnych w Radzionkowie

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